RocketReader: Speed Reading and Memory Training Software

RocketReader - Speed Reading and Memory Training Advanced speed reading and memory training software. RocketReader for Windows improves your reading speed and comprehension with an effective combination of exercises, flash training, speed training, memory tests, practice readings and timed speed tests. RocketReader also has a comprehensive memory training system where you can train yourself on any of the many facts and figures you need to excel at work or in your studies. RocketReader is ideal for children (older than six), college and university students, business people, clerical staff, professionals, recreational readers, executives, and sales people. RocketReader can also be used by fast readers who want to learn to speed read at accelerated rates. Blast your reading skills into orbit and get your career into gear today with RocketReader. Develops speed reading and improved reading and comprehension skills.
Reading Tips: ‘…Accuracy and precision Accuracy describes the degree to which a result obtained from measurement agrees to its real and accepted value.…’  read article