RocketReader Works!

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RocketReader significantly increases reading speed by breaking what is termed the "sub-vocalization barrier". This barrier limits most readers to around 200 words per minute, as the reader reads each syllable or word with a single eye glance.

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RocketReader trains your eyes and brain to accurately read a chunk of words and more information with a single eye glance. This technique is taught by many successful speed reading books and seminars.

A Better Way to Learn

RocketReader is a better way to learn speed reading than learning from a book or attending an expensive course. Seminars and speed-reading books leave it up to you to train yourself to break lifelong habits of reading. For most people this is impossible. RocketReader use the following highly
effective speed-reading techniques, exercises and tests to show you how it is done and to train you to do it:

RocketReader also includes the FREE SAT training module, computer training for HIGH SAT scores.

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RocketReader is interactive and effective. This award winning web application monitors your progress and continually adjusts the challenge level of the exercises for peak training. The RocketReader system takes you through a structured training program.

Fast Results - Terrific Benefits

By training with RocketReader every day for 15 minutes you will see reading improvement in just a few days. After just one month your reading speed and comprehension will be significantly improved. At this stage of use, a 100% improvement in reading speed is expected with better comprehension than before.

Better comprehension means that you will understand and remember more of the content than reading the text at your old speed. This is because you will not only learn to read faster, you will learn to read faster and more accurately.

Greater levels of improvement are possible. If you pass up this opportunity to improve your reading skills you will be throwing away these great benefits that come from being a fast accurate reader:

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