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Using RocketReader as a Reading Aid for Visually Impaired

Recognizing the fact that reading off computer screen should be made comfortable for readers with varying degrees of visual ability, RocketReader offers a number of special options to accommodate the needs of readers with visual impairment.

RocketReader software uses the following special features and techniques to make reading easier for people with low vision and other categories of visually impaired readers:

  • Text Enlargement. The Speed Training exercise allows the user to view the reading in large text without added screen enlargement. The user also has full control over the speed at which the text is displayed, and over the number of words displayed at a time. This feature will benefit readers with low vision. (Click on the thumbnail below to see a larger image.)

  • Displaying a limited number of words at a time. Flash, Grouping and Speed Training components all use the principle of displaying a limited number of words (starting with one word) at a time. The effect is similar to that of the screen enlargers (or screen magnifiers) reading aids. In combination with the ability to set up comfortable exercising speeds, this increases legibility for some categories of visually impaired users.

  • Wide selection of fonts. You can select fonts that are comfortable for you in all RocketReader exercises, and even in popup dialogs. You can also select the line spacing e.g. 1.5 spacing or 2 spacing, further improving legibility.

  • Web Readings displaying Text Only version of Web sites (RocketReader Professional feature). Web sites of your choice can be loaded into RocketReader to be displayed in the Grouping, Speed Training and Readings components. The Web sites will be displayed in the Text Only mode, with the information about graphics and other non-text elements kept to minimum.

  • Custom colored texts and backgrounds. In addition to choosing from a variety of templates for exercising, RocketReader allows you to pick from a palette of contrast colors, or even set your own custom colors! This feature will be of use to color blind readers and readers with low vision.

  • Full control over exercising speeds. You have full control over the speed at which the text is displayed in any of the RocketReader components.

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